When I Look At You

words & music by Karen Cobb

Copyright 2000 & 2001

Love in this life, is not easy to find
People pretend to feel something that they never could
But then you came to me in perfect time,
And gave me all that you would

When I look at you, I feel complete
All the burden of life, begin to ease
Just a touch from you it makes me whole

When I look at you I see home

I've wished for the end of my loneliness
Never knowing when & if it would come
But now you're here with me and all that I forget
I'm forever grateful you're the one

When I look at you I have no need for fairytales & fantasy

Just a word from you warms my soul
When I look at you I see home

You are the miracle that came into my life
Chasing away all the darkness when you shined your light
Your love protects and shelters me
You are more than I ever dreamed
You're all I'll ever need

When I look at you I find my way
Through the maze of love & through the pain
With you by my side I'm made strong
When I look at you I see home

My Home
When I look in your eyes I see home
I want to go home
When I look at you I see home




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